Adele Dejak the brand is home to luxurious African inspired jewelry handcrafted in the heart of Kenya. Everything comes from materials that different African tribes would use to make their ornaments and trinkets. We have contemporary, artistic and wearable bags, necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets not forgetting some exclusive home decor items.


Akuko means story in igbo language. Akụkọ is much more than a socks brand, it is positive energy, it is the celebration of our differences, it is our legacies and our roots. With the roots in Nigeria and the feet in Sweden, they create vibrant bamboo socks that carries stories which connects the African diaspora with the mother- land. Through storytelling, aesthetics, movement and style they celebrate and highlight “Afropresentism” – the black presence in diaspora.

Masa Mara

MASA MARA captures the harmony that can exist between the past and the present; the traditional and the modern. MASA MARA captures the harmony that can exist between the past and the present; the traditional and the modern. Designs honors the cultural wear of various tribes while blending these elements with urban active wear, with the aim of introducing traditional values to today’s generation, while celebrating their innovation.

Nio Far

At Nio Far humanity is in the center of their philosophie, design is a way to carry and put out societies, tribes, ethnies stories. Nio Far is a wolof (most spoken language in senegal) word meaning we are together, a way to desicripe the unicity of people living in mother earth, when Milcos Founded the brand in 2014 it was for sharing with the word his taste of fashion, vision of design and love of craftsmanship but the more time goes the more the brand became more involve in connecting people and cultures specially in Africa. At Nio Far humanity is in the center of our philosophie, for us design is a way to carry and put out societies, tribes, ethnies stories.


Shekudo relaunched into a footwear and accessories brand and moved its base from Sydney to commence production in Lagos, Nigeria. With this move, the brand hoped to shed more light on the local artisan and craftsmanship scene whilst integrating some of the age old techniques and overlooked local resources into its own contemporary aesthetic. The Shekudo brand also prides itself on being a socially responsible label as well as an advocate for slow fashion and women’s empowerment.



[Project]APPEAR – Edutainment & Networking Event

APPEAR Edutainment & Networking Event brought to you by Fashion Africa Now. The event took place for the first time on the 11th & 12th of May 2018 in Hamburg. Amazing speakers and guests were part, celebrating contemporary African art, fashion, design and literature. We empowered, connected and educated our guests. An amazing photo shooting with RICH MNISI and Kids Of The Diaspora was the immediate turnout of the APPEAR event. A big shout out to the wonderful participants: Armah, Diana Ejaita, Wearyourmask, Gabriel Selassie, Daniel Obasi, Ngozi Schommer, Oumar Mbengue Atokosso, Eguana Kampala, BUKI AKOMOLAFE, Kids Of The Diaspora, RICH MNISI, Ashes and Soil.

Fashion Africa Brands

[Project]The Politics of African Fashion

The Politics of African fashion
Fashion Africa Now invited influential fashion players from Africa and the Diaspora for the fashion talk The politics of African Fashion: The founder of Lagos Fashion Week and the fashion company Style House, a creative development agency for Nigerian and African designers, Omoyemi Akerele. The first Black Fashion Director of the South African Elle, since June 2018 Editor-in-Chief of South African Glamour, Asanda Sizani. Art Director & Brand Consultant of Infinite Beauty Factory in London, Ola Shobowale. And New York-based, luxury fashion designer Mimi Plange.

Fashion Dinner

[Project]Fashion Dinner

After a successful debut at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin in January 2013, APYA Productions, the producers of Africa Fashion Day Berlin held a Fashion Dinner on 17th of January 2014 at Mani Restaurant in Berlin. Presenting pioneering designer BSB (Portugal/Guinea Bissau), Namibia’s Young Designer of the Year 2013 Nicola Konradie, British Vogue award-winning young designer Sarah Ama Duah (Hamburg) and jewellery designer Kim Riedel (Bahamas).

Social Media Week

[Project]Contemporary Creative Africa

What social media means for the Creative Africa scene & what Creative Africa means for the social media scene. 
An international panel discussion took place on the 2nd of March 2017 in collaboration with Social Media Week Hamburg, Social Media Week Lagos, New York and Berlin — we discussed what social media means for the Creative Africa scene and what Creative Africa means for the social media scene! This live international panel will consider the importance of social media for the Creative Africa scene & the importance of the African perspective in the social media scene. The platform FASHION AFRICA NOW connects readers with Contemporary Creative Africa, sharing global stories and striking visuals from the continent and Diaspora. Together with influencers based in Lagos and New York we will discuss the impact of social media for the creative industries. We will also look at the importance of representing diverse voices and African perspectives in media. 

The Politics

[Project]Fashion Africa Brands Exposee Hamburg

FASHION AFRICA BRANDS EXPOSEE HAMBURG  – Lifstyle Education Networking Event
The event took place at the Mercedes me Store Hamburg near the beautiful Alster river. The following designers presented themselves in front of the attendants with a brief display of their background and the brand. The whole presentation was interactive, guests could involve themselves with questions and suggestions.

Participating Designers: De La Sébure (Burkina Faso) men collection, 1981 (Ghana) women collection and Afroshoes (Kenya, Ethiopia) – shoes for men, women and kids.


Connecting Afro Futures

[Client]Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin
[Concept]APYA X fluctuacting images

With Connecting Afro Futures. Fashion x Hair x Design, the Kunstgewerbemuseum – Berlin’s Museum of Decorative Arts is opening its doors to an exhibition project devoted to the complex and multifaceted world of African fashion design and hairstyling – and, at the same time, is taking a position in the current debate about the approach taken by museums and their collections. Reclaiming the narrative – a new generation of African fashion designers are rethinking contemporary “African fashion”. An empowered self-image and a home-grown aesthetic is being presented – challenging and side-stepping (neo)colonial thought patterns and beauty norms.   

Bead Art from Africa

[Client]Museum Rietberg
[Concept]Fashion Installation

The exhibition Bead Art from Africa – Mottas Collection showed at the Museum Rietberg Zürich in Switzerland from 7th June to 21st Oct 2018. Whether in the shape of fine ornaments, impressive masks, or royal stools – bead art from southern, eastern and western Africa is admired for the delicacy of its workmanship and the diversity of styles. The exhibition explored the aesthetics and meanings of beadwork – whether extravagant
pieces of jewellery, imposing masks or royal stools. Glass beads never merely served decorative or ornamental purposes; the colours and designs also convey intricate messages about age, gender, and identity of the persons wearing the pieces.


[Project]APYA X Galerie Melike Bilir

The exhibition STYLE FILE: MISSION OF TRADITION plays with two disciplines and perspectives: Fashion and art, tradition and the present. The two visual fields of fashion and art are not only related to each other in the sense of decoration, but have many common points of reference in the tradition of their shapes and colours: Does their tradition have common sources and how can these be read from the exhibits on display?
Is style not always a consequence of the conscious handling of this tradition? In order to get closer to these questions, the following will be shown in the show: Fashion by selected designers from Africa Fashion Day Berlin, traditional African tribal art from a Hamburg collection and contemporary art by Dirk Meinzer.

Made in Africa

Togetherness Uganda


Time Is Now Senegal

[Client]Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin
[Photographer]Aldi Diasse

Planet Kigali

[Client]A POLITICAL BODIES / RAI production together with KAMPNAGEL
[Photographer]Chris Schwagga

Time Is Now Uganda



Alexandra Tamele

[Client]Designerin Alexandra Tamele
[Photograph]Maissa Fall
[Styling & Production]Beatrace Angut Oola

If found
please return to Lagos

[Client]Kunsthalle Baden-Baden
[Artist]Emeka Ogboh
[Photograph]Berthold Steinhilber
[Director]Christopher Stöckele
[Styling & Production]Beatrace Angut Oola

If Found Please Return to Lagos at Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden. Emeka Ogbohs works deal with topics such as diaspora, migration, identity, cultural rituals, and global political issues of mobility and origin. For his show in Baden-Baden, he focuses on the cultural, social and aesthetic role of food. The Sufferhead Original commercial shoot, breaks with pictorial and social stereotypes. The beer commercial was shown as part of the exhibition in the Kunsthalle from November 2017 – February 2018.

Berlin Postcolonial

[Client]Monopol Magazin
[Concept]Emeka Ogboh
[Photographer & Casting]Nti
[Styling & Production]Beatrace Angut Oola
[Hair and Make-Up]Rima Sium

Berlin Postkolional is an advertorial photo series of linked to Nigerian Artist, Emeka Ogboh’s Sufferhead Beer projects. The images were published in Monopol Magazin. The project looked at Africans and Afro-Germans living and working in present-day Germany, in particular, Berlin, focusing on how they interact with, and navigate their space, confronting day to day issues of a predominantly “German” impregnated culture and society and a city marked by the country’s colonial past.

Y’akoto – Fool me once

[Client]Warner Music Germany
[DOP]Simon Ahlers
[Director]Urs Mader
[Styling]Beatrace Angut Oola
[Hair Und Make Up]Elmar Weppel

“Mermaid Blues” – a mythical album. German-Ghanaian singer and song writer Y’akoto went on the trail of mermaids. More precisely, Y’akoto dealt with the myths and stories surrounding the legendary siren or mermaid – a creature that is half woman and half fish and is considered highly self-determined and unpredictable.

Fashion Africa Now Podcast


The Fashion Africa Now Podcast ignites interesting conversations with designers, creatives, historians, researchers, fashion players and industry experts on what fashion in Africa is today, systematically digging into its past and more importantly, shaping its future. The fusion of rich and diverse sub-nations, cultures, ideas and talents from the African continent, and by extension the African diaspora has produced irresistible trend-setting fashion, styles, aesthetics, sounds and a way of life globally. Yet in the shadows of this allure the conflict between slow fashion, sustainability in Africa and fast fashion is a conversation to be encouraged.