Connecting Afro Futures

[Client]Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin
[Concept]APYA X fluctuacting images

With Connecting Afro Futures. Fashion x Hair x Design, the Kunstgewerbemuseum – Berlin’s Museum of Decorative Arts is opening its doors to an exhibition project devoted to the complex and multifaceted world of African fashion design and hairstyling – and, at the same time, is taking a position in the current debate about the approach taken by museums and their collections. Reclaiming the narrative – a new generation of African fashion designers are rethinking contemporary “African fashion”. An empowered self-image and a home-grown aesthetic is being presented – challenging and side-stepping (neo)colonial thought patterns and beauty norms.   

Bead Art from Africa

[Client]Museum Rietberg
[Concept]Fashion Installation

The exhibition Bead Art from Africa – Mottas Collection showed at the Museum Rietberg Zürich in Switzerland from 7th June to 21st Oct 2018. Whether in the shape of fine ornaments, impressive masks, or royal stools – bead art from southern, eastern and western Africa is admired for the delicacy of its workmanship and the diversity of styles. The exhibition explored the aesthetics and meanings of beadwork – whether extravagant
pieces of jewellery, imposing masks or royal stools. Glass beads never merely served decorative or ornamental purposes; the colours and designs also convey intricate messages about age, gender, and identity of the persons wearing the pieces.


[Project]APYA X Galerie Melike Bilir

The exhibition STYLE FILE: MISSION OF TRADITION plays with two disciplines and perspectives: Fashion and art, tradition and the present. The two visual fields of fashion and art are not only related to each other in the sense of decoration, but have many common points of reference in the tradition of their shapes and colours: Does their tradition have common sources and how can these be read from the exhibits on display?
Is style not always a consequence of the conscious handling of this tradition? In order to get closer to these questions, the following will be shown in the show: Fashion by selected designers from Africa Fashion Day Berlin, traditional African tribal art from a Hamburg collection and contemporary art by Dirk Meinzer.