Alexandra Tamele

[Client]Designerin Alexandra Tamele
[Photograph]Maissa Fall
[Styling & Production]Beatrace Angut Oola

If found
please return to Lagos

[Client]Kunsthalle Baden-Baden
[Artist]Emeka Ogboh
[Photograph]Berthold Steinhilber
[Director]Christopher Stöckele
[Styling & Production]Beatrace Angut Oola

If Found Please Return to Lagos at Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden. Emeka Ogbohs works deal with topics such as diaspora, migration, identity, cultural rituals, and global political issues of mobility and origin. For his show in Baden-Baden, he focuses on the cultural, social and aesthetic role of food. The Sufferhead Original commercial shoot, breaks with pictorial and social stereotypes. The beer commercial was shown as part of the exhibition in the Kunsthalle from November 2017 – February 2018.

Berlin Postcolonial

[Client]Monopol Magazin
[Concept]Emeka Ogboh
[Photographer & Casting]Nti
[Styling & Production]Beatrace Angut Oola
[Hair and Make-Up]Rima Sium

Berlin Postkolional is an advertorial photo series of linked to Nigerian Artist, Emeka Ogboh’s Sufferhead Beer projects. The images were published in Monopol Magazin. The project looked at Africans and Afro-Germans living and working in present-day Germany, in particular, Berlin, focusing on how they interact with, and navigate their space, confronting day to day issues of a predominantly “German” impregnated culture and society and a city marked by the country’s colonial past.

Y’akoto – Fool me once

[Client]Warner Music Germany
[DOP]Simon Ahlers
[Director]Urs Mader
[Styling]Beatrace Angut Oola
[Hair Und Make Up]Elmar Weppel

“Mermaid Blues” – a mythical album. German-Ghanaian singer and song writer Y’akoto went on the trail of mermaids. More precisely, Y’akoto dealt with the myths and stories surrounding the legendary siren or mermaid – a creature that is half woman and half fish and is considered highly self-determined and unpredictable.

Fashion Africa Now Podcast


The Fashion Africa Now Podcast ignites interesting conversations with designers, creatives, historians, researchers, fashion players and industry experts on what fashion in Africa is today, systematically digging into its past and more importantly, shaping its future. The fusion of rich and diverse sub-nations, cultures, ideas and talents from the African continent, and by extension the African diaspora has produced irresistible trend-setting fashion, styles, aesthetics, sounds and a way of life globally. Yet in the shadows of this allure the conflict between slow fashion, sustainability in Africa and fast fashion is a conversation to be encouraged.