We want to support Black individuals in the fashion and lifestyle industry. Our vision is to give designers access into into the fashion and media landscape. We believe in inclusivity, diversity and representation. To be clear, we want to connect, encourage people in the industry so that we can see sustained long-term change.

Made in Africa

The textile and apparel industry has enormous potential and is expected to flourish in Africa in the coming decade. The international fashion industry is directly linked to the textile industry and manufacturing, which creates an opportunity for Africa to gain a greater presence as a global contributor to the international fashion industry.

„ Africa is increasingly being called the new Asia for the apparel industry. More and more European and US purchasing directors of textile companies are interested in sub-Saharan Africa as a sourcing region. 40% of buyers say the region will gain importance for the industry in the next five years. The positive view of sub-Saharan Africa is spurred by the long-term expected growth of the region’s working-age population, which is expected to match that of China by 2035. “Sub-Saharan Africa’s potential is large and still untapped. However, countries in this region should be considered individually.“

Source MCKinsey April. 2015

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